Growing businesses often outgrow their basic accounting software or legacy ERP systems that are unable to handle increased inventory and transactions, lack integration with other line-of-business systems, and have reporting limitations. Growing businesses also feel pain around scalability, mobility, and cloud. 

Take a minute to consider if your existing systems have what it takes to make the most of new opportunities. Below are signs that your current solutions won’t be ready to handle additional growth.

Systems are disconnected and information is siloed

Duplicate data entry into multiple systems is a daily routine 

Accounting occurs in Excel, not your financial system

Reporting is complicated and provides insufficient information

Lack of secure workflows and audit trails increase risk

Inability to handle increased inventory and transactions

Introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central

For growing businesses that have outgrown their accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that easily and seamlessly connects people and processes. Dynamics 365 Business Central is deeply integrated with Office 365 and includes built-in intelligence, so it’s easy to use and helps you make better business decisions.

Dynamics 365 Business Central puts flexibility at the core of your business, enabling you to grow at your own pace and adapt in real time. That means you can start small with the right fit for employee roles, your industry and business needs and extend Dynamics 365 as your business evolves and grows.

Deploy a single, comprehensive solution

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects your people and processes with a single, unified solution, so data can be quickly and easily shared with key people throughout your organisation. Go above and beyond traditional ERP solutions. You have access to the most current, accurate data so you are making the most informed decisions possible. 

For example, the second a salesperson in the field makes a change to a customer quote, it gets reflected in the numbers being pulled for a forecast report back at the office. With more accurate information at your fingertips, decisions have a bigger impact on the bottom line.

Functions like payroll, banking, and CRM systems are just as integrated, so your people can share the most current data and respond to customer requests faster with the most accurate information.

Get started today with expert technical and helpdesk support

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