xRM (Vertical) Industry Solutions provide the fast track for Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployments. Built by Dynamics Partners for Dynamics Partners, xRM Industry Solutions are quick and easy to deploy. No more intensive discovery workshops, requirements gathering and weeks of customisation – xRM Industry Solutions makes building scale fast and easy. Specific pre-built solution components mean accelerated deployment, reduced risk and cost, faster time to benefit and return on investment.


  • Manage job seekers, employers and training
  • Perform profile matching across job seekers and employers
  • Track activities and manage action lists
  • Manage and report on training programs
  • Perform project management from available resources to planning, booking and invoicing
  • Provide financial and statistical activity analysis with reporting via charts and dashboards
  • Allow maintenance of communication with contacts (through email blasts, phone calls, SMS, newsletters etc) 
  • Provide the ability to keep track of project contacts, particularly through the ability to leave notes and information related to the businesses e.g. contact cycles, what events or collateral they’ve been invited to or received, and any other relevant information
  • Perform event and campaign management in a central location
  • Integrate with SharePoint document management and self service portals/job boards


Microsoft Dynamics 365 represents a new way of working. Working with Microsoft Office 365, Dynamics 365 introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organise information and documents and manage teams.

For HRM users, xRM4HR helps organise job vacancies and applicant information, share that information with managers and publish content from any Microsoft Office application in a few clicks using desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

xRM4HR also helps manage costs with the ability to run in the cloud with Dynamics 365 or on-premise with your own infrastructure. Visit www.xRM4HR.com