xRM (Vertical) Industry Solutions provide the fast track for Microsoft Dynamics 365 deployments. Built by Dynamics Partners for Dynamics Partners, xRM Industry Solutions are quick and easy to deploy. No more intensive discovery workshops, requirements gathering and weeks of customisation – xRM Industry Solutions makes building scale fast and easy. Specific pre-built solution components mean accelerated deployment, reduced risk and cost, faster time to benefit and return on investment.


More than just database management, xRM4Insurance offers firms the opportunity to integrate all their line of business applications within one easy to use, easy to manage, easy to afford environment. xRM is the evolution of CRM, where the X in xRM can be anything. xRM is based on Dynamics 365 and the .NET platform.

  • An intuitive, easy to use, reliable, centralised and shared database of Companies (brokers, insurers and service providers) together with Contacts
  • Import and analyse data – generating business intelligence on premiums written
  • Ability to record any type of activity and track associated documents
  • Manage centralised or ad-hoc mailing lists
  • Generate invitations and mail-outs, manage events
  • Provide a reliable security model
  • Access, analyse and report on information 

With “one system” for marketing, policies and claims, achieve new levels of productivity through:

  • Quicker access
  • Easier communication 
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Functional, easily customised
  • Integrates SharePoint for Insurance document and activity/email management
  • Delivers new innovation
  • Drives excellence


Improve communications, build teamwork, increase profits and reduce costs.

The Challenge:

IT resellers require a unique combination of infrastructure to complement the flow of vendor and pricing information and careful tracking required to efficiently provide outstanding customer services while keeping costs under control.


These usually fall into five major categories, including Quoting, Licence Management, Warranty/RAs, Financial Management and Relationship Management. Traditionally, these areas each operated independently causing serious operational inefficiencies.

The Solution:

xRM4IT provides a unique platform to integrate information flow providing more accurate tracking and streamlined processing of valuable customer data.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, xRM4IT is a flexible solution that works the way a reseller works, adapting to each reseller’s culture with its unique way of responding to customer needs. xRM4IT integrates well with Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft SharePoint.


By deploying Microsoft Dynamics 365, xRM4Legal, in your law firm you will begin to experience Return on Investment (ROI) almost immediately after getting up and running with the system. 

Once your law firm moves into the future with xRM4Legal, your staff won't be wasting time with repetitive tasks anymore – xRM4Legal will automate them for you. 

Enjoy increased productivity, decreased overhead, and increased client satisfaction as a result of deploying xRM4Legal for your law firm. And increased client satisfaction leads to increased client retention, which always equals more profitable clients.

  • Increase your total revenue / billings / fees – due to increased marketing and business development productivity, lawyers are able to service more of the “right type” of clients and matter engagements. Measure increase in close rates, competitive bid successes, increase in billings per client.
  • Improve client retention – measure reduction in lost clients, or increase in client referrals
  • Increase cross-selling – measure cross practice group / cross specialisation services per client
  • Reduce lost opportunities due to failed relationship intelligence – not knowing about clients business needs; new matters; stimulating and enhancing lawyer / client communications – knowing about new matters / opportunities before competitors

xRM4Legal acts as a central repository for all the experience and wisdom learned in your law firm. Easily pass knowledge down from partners and lawyers to office staff by saving critical documents, publishing experiences to the Knowledge Base, sharing marketing collateral, and even collaborating with your staff with real time business development software.

Don't waste time and cost training employees for weeks with ineffective methods that don't show them real problems or solutions. Let them harness the wealth of information in your xRM4Legal and enjoy servicing your clients better and more efficiently than your competition. xRM4Legal is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Visit www.xRM4Legal.com