Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Trends and changes in IoT and after-market services are shaking up the industry. Manufacturers are moving from being product suppliers to solution providers, driving outcome-based business models, and everything is now “smart-connected.” 

d365.Group can help you manage your most critical resources—customers, customer assets, and employees—and deliver a solution that will not only help you ride the wave of industry changes, but take advantage of powerful new technology to streamline your business and grow your bottom line.

About Us

Long-term customer relationships


Develop a profitable relationship and build customer trust by consistently setting and meeting expectations using intelligent tools. 

Deliver accurate estimates to jump start your relationships.

Become a trusted advisor using collaborative planning tools and repeatable service models on-time, on-budget.

Boost employee productivity


Teams are able to work more efficiently with automation technology and a complete insight into customer relationships. 

Raise retention rates by matching employees and jobs. 

Provide collaboration tools to up your teams productivity as well as offer training through self-service tools and portals.

Innovate and grow


Our innovative solution will provide the insights you need to prepare for change, stay competitive and grow profitability. 

Set clear, company-wide business development priorities. Stay agile using real-time metrics to manage multiple deliverables. 

Make decisions quickly using Power BI and Excel reports.