National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Manage your Microsoft Dynamics Solution and focus on clients, improve communications, deliver on new financial reporting requirements.

The Challenge

Due to the rollout of NDIS, the disability services landscape is changing:

  • Need to shift away from a funder focused to a client focused approach
  • Greater competition on the cost and quality of care
  • Greater competition for clients and risk of loss of market share
  • Skills shortages making it essential to use the workforce more efficiently
  • Increased likelihood of mergers and acquisitions across providers
  • Too many existing IT solutions without integration

The Solution: Dynamics 365 + xRM4NDIS

A centralised system


NDIS CRM enables you to work with enquiries, clients and carers, perform assessments, manage medications, create service plans, schedule services and make service bookings.

Fast and efficient data entry


Enter data quickly and easily – via Outlook, Web and your choice of mobile device.

Record keeping


Place calls, send email and record clinical notes.

Check and support clients

Check the disabilities, support needs, recent assessments and incidents of a client.

Planning tools

Explore the resource planning, budget planning, time tracking, approval and invoicing manager features.


Integrate with self service portals; document management systems like Laserfiche; finance systems like Sage, Exo and Xero.