Dynamics 365 for Sales

Embrace a new way of thinking about the sales process and customer relationships. With Dynamics 365 for Sales, you get features and functionality that go beyond traditional sales force automation and CRM, to help you understand your customers and their needs better. This results in more deals won and more engaged customers for the duration of the relationship.

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The platform for transforming sales within your business

Artificial intelligence


Sell smarter with a platform that guides you through the sales cycle with built-in intelligence capabilities.

Engage better


Strengthen business relationships by leveraging tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create authentic brand engagement.

Increase productivity


A boost in productivity is a boost in revenue. Bring your existing business processes into a system connected to Office 365 and LinkedIn data for a more effective sales cycle.

Sales acceleration

Do more with your data by utilising analytics dashboards that give visibility into forecasting for the future and setting team goals.

Innovate and adapt

Dynamics 365 for Sales allows your business to build custom solutions that uniquely address your needs while embracing the technologies of the future.