Technical services

Amazing talent and capability. From deployment and configuration services provided by “Dynamic Interns” to advanced customisation by Dynamics Experts, d365.Group is here to help.

Phone and email support


We are passionate about offering responsive support to Microsoft Dynamics 365 users. Our support staff provide on-demand technical help with routine maintenance, technical issues and small additions and changes. They are experienced, dedicated, and ready to respond quickly to both end user customer needs as well as our member partners.

DynamicsAssist ensures that your 365 investment continues to deliver:

  • World wide coverage
  • Prompt resolution of issues reduces downtime and increases productivity
  • Rapid escalation service in accordance with published Response Times
  • Flexibility so you can use your support for both technical and non-technical needs
  • Attendance at selected Training Events
  • Regular System Health Checks and Administration
  • Ongoing Consultancy to improve use and gain more efficiencies

Industry Starter Packs

Market research has found that there are gaps in information available to member partners looking to engage with Microsoft Dynamics 365. As a result, we have developed Industry Starter Packs to provide member partners with the information they need to confidently enter their desired market.

Targeted at member partners looking to establish Microsoft Dynamics 365 practices and grow their businesses within an industry vertical, our Industry Starter Packs offer practical case studies and highlight specific opportunities in different markets. They provide a trusted and comprehensive source of business, marketing and systems information to support industry planning, strategy and operations, and will help member partners negotiate the practicalities of their new practice area.


Web Portal Access

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DynamicsAssist provides flexibility where customers can choose from a range of support options to manage business risk by ensuring their 365 solutions continue to operate optimally.

How does DynamicsAssist work?

DynamicsAssist contains a number of units where each unit equals 15 minutes.

The Support units provide cover for all your technical and non technical requests. The benefit of having DynamicsAssist Units allows users to raise non technical queries that traditionally fall outside the scope of technical support under the same agreement and with no additional cost.

Technical Support Technical Issues (errors or functions not performing as designed) specifically related to 365 developed software does not require DynamicsAssist units provided you have a current Maintenance Agreement. Technical Issues resulting from any Third Party software requires DynamicsAssist units.

GoToMeeting demonstrations


GoToMeeting demonstrations are a great way to see the latest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 updates and innovations.

GoToMeeting demonstrations can be scheduled at any time with 24 hours notice.


GoToWebinar training

People work together on their desktops in an office


It is a fact that organisations that invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 training and education have vastly increased user adoption, which in turn ensures they get the best return on their investment. d365.Group offers end user customers and member many resources to help get the most out of 365, including events, trainings, how-to videos, and workshops. 


Our configuration/customisation services help tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your individual needs. We follow an 80/20 philosophy where 80% of the features used are out-of-the-box and 20% are customised to your needs. We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and are more than capable of working with you to meet your needs. For example, you may need to develop integrations with other applications, or maybe you need a custom screen, custom report, or even a business workflow. The point is we can help you take the next step in maximising your use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to make your business run more efficiently.